TAKCO cooperates with CITYLAND in 35 new Townhouses

  • 9/4/2018 10:45:11 AM

Following the villas construction at 168 Phan Van Tri and 18 Phan Van Tri - CITYLAND Z751, TAKCO was entrusted to construct the package of structural and finishing works new Townhouse by the CITYLAND investor.

Cityland Real Estate Investment Co., Ltd (CITYLAND) is one of the real estate developers in market. Cityland's trillion urban areas have contributed significantly to change the face of Ho Chi Minh City, including the townhouses of Go Vap District. This project has a total area of 12,11ha, is invested more than 2,000 billion on the strategic street - Phan Van Tri, including the row of commercial townhouses, villas, is integrated planed with European architecture. Being the model urban area with the most green space in Go Vap, enjoying the superior facilities with the most innovative technical infrastructure, with a separate space.

In this project, TAKCO is honored to undertake structural and finishing of some townhouses at 168 Phan Van Tri and 18 Phan Van Tri-Z751. Recently, CITYLAND continues to deliver 35 new townhouses to TAKCO.

With the capacity of experience and prestige in the construction market, TAKCO is confident enough to complete the works ensure aesthetic, highest quality, meet the progress.


- Package : Structural & Finishing works 

- Scale: 19.074,81 m2

- Location : 18 Phan Van Tri Street, Ward 10, Go Vap District, HCMC

- Client : Cityland Real Estate Investment Co., Ltd

- Year : 2018

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