Inaugurated the administrative center of Da Nang city

  • 7/31/2017 3:56:55 PM

On the morning of September 08, the Danang People's Committee solemnly held the inauguration ceremony of the administrative center of Da Nang city. The administrative center of Da Nang City was built on a land area of ​​23,318 m2, located at Tran Phu - Ly Tu Trong crossroads; Was kicked off in November 2008 with the idea of ​​designing a lighthouse leading up to the road and the base of the boat combined with the sail-out roof. The total investment cost of 1.981 billion, from the budget of Da Nang City and the sale of land offices of the departments.

Danang Administrative Center (TTHC) is a special grade building, 166.8m high, including 34 storeys and 2 basements (floor area of ​​15,896m2 used for car garage , Technical and canteen rooms with a capacity of 1,004 people), total floor area of ​​65.234m2. The base, consisting of 4 floors, floor area of ​​14,080m2.

In the first floor, the main halls will be located on the main roads from the offices of the People's Committee Office, the office of receiving and returning administrative records (on the Ly road). Self-respect); 2nd floor is a conference room, conference rooms, meeting rooms and a 1,088-seat lounges area; The third floor is the working room of leaders of the People's Committee and the professional meeting room; 4th floor is garden space, green trees are exposed to nature, this is also the stage between the base and the tower.
The tower block consists of floors 5 to 31: office space, professional meeting rooms and a space for flowers and plants in the house. The top of the tower consists of the 32 th to 34 th floor, 32 th floor for technical service, the 33 th floor for light snack restaurant, the 34 th floor for space and the engine room and technical room. It is estimated that about 1,600 civil servants work here.

Being put into use from the end of July to 2014, the administrative center is now a concentrated workplace of 24 departments, departments and People's Committee of Da Nang city. From here, the city's administration interactions are enhanced with high-tech and service types, helping people and businesses save time and get more out of the business. Friendly, efficient. Thereby, creating a breakthrough for the city government in the PAR in the direction of "3 more" "faster, more reasonable, more friendly" in order to better serve the people and businesses. Da Nang industry.

Not only the unique architecture, Danang City Administration Center is also considered one of the leading intelligent buildings in Vietnam in terms of technology control and operation management. In particular, the integrated building management system (iBMS) is one of the important solutions. This system allows for close coordination between functional systems using open industry-standard protocols that can significantly save energy and operating costs as well as generate The work environment is friendly, comfortable, contributing to improve work efficiency.

(H. Dung - according to laborers)

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