TAKCO organizes tourism in Phan Thiet and Thailand in 2016

  • 8/1/2017 10:00:06 AM

As part of the extra-curricular activities held annually at Tan Ky Real Estate and Construction Corporation, this year TAKCO cooperated with Viettravel Travel Company and VietCam Travel Company to organize a tour Phan Thiet and Thai calendar for all employees including office blocks and all site management boards. The tour program is organized in 4 phases, to facilitate the maximum participation of siblings, which was successfully held in October and November 2016.

TAKCO understands very well that in order to maintain a large team, develop many projects with high growth rate, build a stable and sustainable company, really need a collective solidarity. Enthusiasm and a positive, sincere cultural environment.

Once a year, the TAKCO family meets, exchanges, plays, enhances the solidarity, mutual understanding between departments and the site, relax comfortably after hours of hard work, Stress, to temporarily forget the dew wind, sunshine, dust outside the site.

The dynamic teambuilding activities such as: dancing, dancing, guided ... have received the enthusiastic participation of brothers and sisters, increased solidarity, team spirit and improved work skills. card. At the same time, these activities also train and enhance the spirit of sport.

The distance of space and time is no longer available. Now, we only see the unification spirit. TAKCO work hard, play hard.

Such teambuilding activities do not create material values, but the spiritual values ​​that bring people are immense. Joy seems to be getting more and more to meet again and continue to do better at work.

In the eyes before saying goodbye, everyone expects to meet soon in the upcoming activities of the company.

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