Switzstouches La Luna Resort by TAKCO has just launched in Hanoi

  • 8/4/2017 10:10:49 AM

Currently, construction progress of Swisstouches La Luna Resort, Marina Bay Nha Trang is being promoted and guaranteed by the main contractor of Tan Ky Construction and Real Estate Corporation (TAKCO). This is one of the famous brand names in the field of construction and installation in Vietnam in accordance with ISO 9001-2008.

During the launch on December 11 at the Sheraton Hanoi Hotel, many investors immediately "book" even when no information available for sale officially.

The launch took place solemnly in Hanoi, attracting the attention of the press, the real estate trading floor, the domestic businessmen and especially the foreign investors. The event was noted by the presence of Ambassador Beatrice Maser Mallor of the Swiss Embassy in Vietnam, and representatives from investors, design firms, executives and management. Here, investors receive official information about the project, and are interested in some convincing points of Swisstouches La Luna Resort.

Firstly, as the name of the project, Swisstouches La Luna Resort is operated and managed by Swisstouches, a leading Swiss hotel management group with years of experience in hotel management, resort and team management. Professional expert, Swisstouches currently manages dozens of hotels and resorts in many countries around the world. At the ceremony, Mr. Ian R J Larmour - General Director of Swisstouches shared the development orientation when entering the potential market in Vietnam.

Secondly, the investor of the project is Electricity Service Trading and Service Joint Stock Company (PIST), in conjunction with Swisstouches, which operates and manages the project. With strong financial strength and real estate investment experience, high-grade office and hotel (4 - 5 star) projects, present at the ceremony, Mr. La Quang Binh - Owner "For this project, we want to bring world-class service to apartment owners so they can use the real five star service," said PIST. In addition, with the management of professional hotels, will bring efficiency in operation, to ensure profits of investors when handed over apartments for investors to exploit services. In part, in the world, there are now many famous hotel management brands, but we chose Swisstouches to manage, as this is the largest condotel project in Nha Trang City, the number up In addition to the experience and management of many hotels and resorts, the five-star resort, Swisstouches, is the world's leading hotel management training center. So we fully believe in Swisstouches' management ability. "

Third, in parallel with Swisstouches' world-class standard operation, the project also cooperates with international travel agencies at home and abroad, ensuring the highest efficiency of the room will provide Long-term, regular and effective long-term investment channels. At present, Nha Trang resorts are many-but-less substance, Swisstouches La Luna Resort will be the first choice for visitors, the international level of service quality, living space , Utilities…

Fourth, Swisstouches La Luna Resort features Grandland, Hong Kong's leading design and construction company with 20 years of experience in large projects. The launch announced a number of 3D design images from Grandland and garnered much attention. This space promises to create a new symbol of Nha Trang City with luxurious style, synchronized modern and new facilities according to international 5 star standards.

Finally, besides the construction units, construction, management and utility of the project is an attraction to investors. Located in a well-planned area, in addition to the facilities available, Swisstouches Laluna Resort also benefits from the surrounding environment: In front is the first international Marina Marina in Vietnam. Is being rushed along with the beach restaurant, floating restaurant at the marina center. Living space, luxurious interior, full facilities and modern makes all the needs of the client's life will be fulfilled completely. Possible amenities include synchronous entertainment, restaurant system, infinity pool, sky bar, gym and spa services, cinema, helicopter, and the same The standard 5 star hotel service ....

Currently, construction progress Swisstouches La Luna Resort, Marina Bay Nha Trang is being promoted and guaranteed by the main contractor Corporation Construction and Real Estate Business Tan Ky (TAKCO). This is one of the famous brand names in the field of construction and installation in Vietnam in accordance with ISO 9001-2008.

Swisstouches Laluna Resort was officially launched. The emergence of a world-class project on Nha Trang's yellow street provides a significant contribution to the promotion of Khanh Hoa tourism and contributes to the development of the relationship between Switzerland and Vietnam.

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