Swisstouches La Luna contracted by TAKCO to attract more and more real estate investors in Nha Trang

  • 8/4/2017 11:13:27 AM

Real estate coastal resorts are always attractive to investors thanks to long-term profits and high liquidity. With the advantages of natural conditions and the appearance of many new projects of international caliber, Nha Trang is becoming one of the ideal destinations for domestic and foreign investors.

Nha Trang - the ideal destination for coastal property business :

Nha Trang is a region that is blessed with a tropical climate all year round with warm sunshine, temperate climate, charming landscape, long beach of the most beautiful planet.

In addition, it is convenient both by water and air, with international airport Cam Ranh has many international routes to countries such as Russia, Seoul - Korea, China, Thailand ... and many. Domestic routes connecting provinces in the region and the country.

This has attracted a large number of tourists coming here every year, leading to high demand for resort real estate. According to Savills, in Khanh Hoa, tourist arrivals increase continuously for the 2011-2015 period at an average rate of 18% per year.

In 2015 alone, the total number of tourists reached over 4.1 million. Of which, Nha Trang contributed the most with over 4 million visitors, accounting for 99% market share.

With such great potential, real estate in this area is always sought by investors, because of liquidity and profitability in the future. According to the report, in 2016, Nha Trang market has received 7000 more products, of which 70% are resort apartments and to this point, hot growth in supply has not stopped signs.

It is expected that there will continue to be about 25,000 products released until 2018 with the strongest boom in the first months of 2017. In addition, the revised housing law allows foreigners to apply for home ownership For 50 years it is expected to be one of the drivers of demand. According to a CBRE report, Nha Trang has "surpassed" Da Nang in terms of hotel room (condotel) transactions in 2016.

New projects dominate:

Another factor that makes Nha Trang coastal real estate investment is the welcome that is the appearance of the new project was built according to international 5 star standards, overcome the limitations of the previous market.

Most recently, a project that caused a big echo at the launch, the hotel project Swisstouches La Luna Nha Trang Resort. Located on the Tran Phu - Pham Van Dong Street, Swisstouches La Luna is a luxury apartment complex located in Nha Trang.

This is also the point that the People's Committee of Nha Trang city planned for socio-economic development in the northern city.

Swisstouches La Luna Resort will provide 1,904 condotel units with 1-4 bedrooms and penthouses, meeting the increasing demand of tourists.

Along with the living facilities such as entertainment area, restaurant system, sky bar, gym, spa, movie theater, helicopter landing ... make investors are special. Mind in recent times. It is expected that the complex will complete and hand over the completed apartment in Q1 / 2018 in the form of permanent ownership.

Another special feature is the investor of the project - PIST Investment Corporation (PIST) in cooperation with the world's leading hotel management brand - Swisstouches to operate and ensure the standard service. 5 star international, which many previous projects in Nha Trang have not done in high season. The project brings the living standards and quality of service to international standards

The outstanding strength of PIST is the close relationship with well-known partners in the industry, creating favorable conditions for the construction and operation of projects.

This is also being promoted at Swisstouches La Luna Nha Trang Resort when PIST cooperates with well-known international designers, managers and executives such as Grandland, Swisstouches, Takco, ABBank and Agribank. Quickly attract investors to book the place right from the launch.

New projects such as Swisstouches La Luna Nha Trang Resort not only contribute to the development of high-end real estate market in Nha Trang but also appreciate the value of contribution to local tourism.

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