Southern Region

Sunrise Riverside
Structural & Finish works (Lot G1 & G4)
Bia Tiep restaurant
Superstructure works
Cityland garden hills (townhouses)
Construction & finishing works – Lot G4.1 - G4.16 & G5.1-G5.17; A6.2, A6.4, A6.5, A4.8, A4.9; L33.3-L33.14 and Lot B&D
Sale gallery Dai Quang Minh
Basement and superstructure works
White Palace Restaurant
Main Construction, Finishing and M&E Works
Colgate Palmolive Factory
Construction and finishing works (office, factory, warehouse and infrastructure)
Dona Standard Footwear Factory - Phase II
The whole factory - Phase II
Dong Phuong Knitting Factory
Canteen & Parking Lot for workers
The Canary Residence Complex project
Infrastructure - Phase II